Our Team


Tom Larson

Vice President

Tom has been a financial advisor since 2010. Tom joined CC Dunnavan in 2019 after developing his own financial services practice at Thrivent Financial. At CC Dunnavan, Tom spends most of his time meeting with clients and leading them through a financial planning process that helps prepare them for a secure future. Whether it be discussions around goal planning, investments, or cash flow management, Tom enjoys getting to know his clients and then developing a financial plan and investment strategy to meet their values and future goals. Prior to his career in financial services, Tom served in college admissions and financial aid and is considered a content expert on education planning and college funding strategies.

Tom’s passion is helping clients connect their life values with their finances. He believes when life goals and values are in alignment with investment decisions and financial behaviors clients will be on the right path for their future.

Tom has a BA from Hamline University and an MA from Augsburg University. Tom is a volunteer at his church (Woodbury Lutheran) and coaches many youth sports teams in his community. Tom has also volunteered his time speaking on financial planning to many groups and was recognized as a Volunteer of the Year by Best Prep for his work with high school students and financial literacy.